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Normcore a perfect symbiosis to our Coffee Coaching Club values. As a Swiss distributor, we are pleased to be able to offer you the high-quality and well thought-out Normcore Design Barista Tools.

For some, it's the morning kickstart. For others, an afternoon pick-me-up or a tasty drink any time of the day.

At NORMCORE and the Coffee Coaching Club, we're just like you - a group of coffee drinkers who have made brewing an inseparable way of life. Born from an unexpected togetherness, our young team founded the company with this shared appreciation for the art of coffee as well as the routines that have inspired them into the modern lifestyle.

The motivation

It wasn't that long ago that instant coffee was the norm. While that has its own place, the appreciation of coffee over the last decade has seen the craft of the bean and the brew explode — from baristas to home enthusiasts.

At Normcore and the Coffee Coaching Club, we strive every day to provide the average home barista with access to professional barista tools at an affordable price.

Hoping to democratize this approach to enjoyable coffee culture at home, the team went through the arduous task of shortlisting hundreds of manufacturing partners and found responsible collaborations that promised a compelling balance of quality and price.

Our values:

- A desire to make equipment available to all passionate coffee connoisseurs (home and professionals alike).
- An open and curious approach that honors tradition but embraces innovation.
- The belief that good design improves encounters.

At NORMCORE and the Coffee Coaching Club, our ambition is entirely up to you. We want to offer you beautifully designed modular tools that make sense for your setup, where each piece stands on its own and encourages thoughtful curation. At NORMCORE and the Coffee Coaching Club we want to turn your coffee routine into a ritual.

Thank you for appreciating our tools and using them every day.

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