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on average we enjoy 2 to 3 coffees a day. right when you get up, for lunch and comfortably in the afternoon or in between ...
this made us pursue our passion and learn more about coffee. we studied, experimented with coffee and have been drinking more coffee than ever since. endless test runs, caffeine shocks and over a decade of expertise as a flavor and product designer for the global market as a chemist and flavor developer make the workshops a unique event.

our entire attention is focused on you, the ultimate coffee taste and the tasting!

we respond to all your questions and requests

Yalcin and Anke, your hosts:


Anke born in gastronomy as a hostess makes every event unforgettable. She takes care of the physical well-being and networking with each other in a culinary and sociable atmosphere. As a coach and consultant with many years of experience, she accompanies people in their professional goals.


After studying chemistry in Hamburg, I was trained as a flavorist (aroma developer).

Since then I have been working on product developments on the international stage. Currently I am co-responsible for the medium-term flavor strategy in a multinational company for the global market.

The Coffee Coaching Club combines expertise, know-how and knowledge of human nature and thus promotes exchange and social interaction.

We hope you like the offer.

If you have any other wishes, let us know.

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