Coffee Coaching Club - Since 2021

we let ourselves drift with you...

We (more about us below :)) follow our motto “inspire and be inspired”. we are adventurous, courageous, naive, creative. We want to create a place where people can meet, talk to each other, exchange ideas and enjoy things together. With us, modernity meets history, creativity meets science, clear lines meet colorful cheerfulness but always uncompromisingly with the highest levels of deliciousness and friendliness.

let us tell you our story:
Coffee has always been our drink to wake up, feel good, enjoy socially and experiment. In 2021 we were given the opportunity to move into the wonderful house, our happy place, in the mat. ...

Anke, the hostess - at home in the catering industry, with international experience, creates a sociable atmosphere. creative in the design of events, she skillfully brings together threads related to literature, art, music and enjoyment for you and us. Her many years of experience in advising and accompanying a wide variety of people is currently her calling and is actively involved in - Coffee Coaching Club - coaching - there for you.

Yalcin, passionate coffee intellectual - food chemist, flavor developer and product designer for the international stage, creates everything related to our favorite drink "coffee". His focus is always on embedding all the senses.

he and she - coffee coaching club

Our team:

Diana, Bahar, Sophie, Anke and Yalcin

more about them is coming soon, stay tuned or stop by:

Coffee Coaching Club

gerberngasse 44

3011 Bern