Acaia Lunar 2021 espresso scale Black

Acaia Lunar 2021 espresso scale Black

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Acaia Lunar 2021 espresso scale Black

Probably the best scales for everyday use as a barista. Be it as a simple scale for measuring the amount of coffee powder or, thanks to its small format, as a shot scale with auto-tare and integrated stopwatch (including auto-timer function) - the Acaia Lunar leaves nothing to be desired by baristas. Splash-proof and with a solid metal housing, rechargeable via micro-USB port. 0.1 gram scale up to a maximum load of 2000g. Bluetooth compatible to connect to Acaia Apps.

Including 100g calibration weight, black protective cover, charging cable.

++ The 2021 version has an even faster response time, a flow rate indicator, USB-C charging port and an even brighter display. ++

Download Acaia Apps:

**User note: charging ports with more than 5V and 1A output, as well as overcharging can damage the battery (see user manual).**

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