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Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder Black with Mazzer Burrs and Multi-Purpose Hopper - including all taxes and shipping

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder Black with Mazzer Burrs and Multi-Purpose Hopper - including all taxes and shipping

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Acaia Orbit with Mazzer 0033M Burrs - Black

A smart 64mm flat grinder with unique features to optimize your coffee experience.

Acaia's first coffee grinder, the Orbit, offers unique features to meet your coffee making needs. The mill is perfect for single portioning and has features such as an automatic cleaning track that reduces residue during grinding. If you want to pair it with an Acaia Lunar, you can also activate the Orbit's weight-based grinding feature and enjoy an effortless dosing experience.

It was developed with Acaia's proprietary technology, from the motor drive to the companion app, which provides advanced revolutions per minute (RPM) control and overall energy savings.

Single dosage :
Weigh your coffee beans and grind them with minimal residue. Make perfect coffee without any waste.

Grinding by weight:
Connect your Lunar Scale to the Orbit. Grind precisely the right amount every time.

64 mm grinding discs:
Choose between the Mazzer 33M grinding discs for classic espresso and balanced filter coffee or the SSP Multipurpose grinding discs for high clarity in brews and modern espresso. More grinding disc options coming soon.

Stepless adjustment:
The Orbit's 0.75mm thread pitch allows you to precisely adjust your shot, from light roast to dark coffee.

Personalize your Orbit:
Use the Orbit companion app to customize your grinding experience: set the grind speed between 600-1500 RPM, change Orbit button functions, save profiles for grinding by weight or by time, and more. The newly introduced “Reverse-and “Adjust” function enables an effortless transition between coarse and fine grinding. Ideal for baristas who alternate between filter coffee and espresso every day.

Multi-purpose hopper
The new multi-purpose funnel functions as both a single dose funnel and an adapter for larger batch dosing funnels. Our bean container range is available with a capacity of up to 2kg.

Energy efficient:
Acaia believes in our social responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious manner. Developed over the years, the Orbit was built to reduce energy consumption while still providing industrial high performance and intelligent grinding.

Orbit tolerances:
All Orbit parts are individually measured during the quality control process to ensure they meet our precise standards and provide the best burr alignment. For example, our mills must meet the following requirements:
- Surfaces of the grinding disks - Deviation of 10 micrometers in flatness.
- Motor drive shafts - 20 micron deviation in concentricity.
- Other important parts - Tolerances of 20 microns.

Grinding disk orientation:
After assembly, our team tests each grinder to ensure proper functionality, alignment and grind quality. We use optical imaging software to check ground coffee for expected uniformity during testing. When aligning the grinding disk, we measure the distance between the locking point of the grinding disk and the contact point of the grinding disk. Acceptable distances are <1.5 marks for Mazzer 33M grinding discs and <1 mark for SSP Multipurpose grinding discs.

Here are the items you get when you purchase the Orbit.

Coffee grinder

Power cable

58mm portafilter
Dosing cup with
Magnetic pad

Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips
Application tool



Do not immerse the Orbit or its parts in water. Use a soft cloth with warm water only to clean the product. Do not use detergent or other chemicals for cleaning as it can damage the product.

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