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Sanremo You Black Matt

Sanremo You Black Matt

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Sanremo You Black Matt

Coffee Coaching Club Bonus: when you buy a La Marzocco you will receive a free barista workshop (German or English) at our Coffee Coaching Club in Bern. As chemists and flavor developers, we examine coffee and coffee preparation from a refreshingly new perspective. This means you can make your espresso at home straight away. If you choose the option with delivery (with an additional charge, see variants and details at the bottom of the description), the workshop will be carried out at your location.

In addition, you always receive support and a Swiss guarantee after your purchase.

Sanremo "YOU" - high-performance coffee machine for coffee roasters, baristas or enthusiasts - FOR YOU

Sanremo "YOU" - High-performance coffee machine for coffee roasters, baristas or enthusiasts - FOR YOU

Multi-boiler portafilter machine combined with smart technology. Real-time coffee delivery and your own delivery profiles for easy operation and perfect coffee enjoyment.

The Sanremo "YOU" was designed to offer the coffee world a portafilter machine that can be described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance and the ability to highlight the aromas of each type of coffee. The functions of this new 1-group multi-boil portafilter machine are the result of the technological experience of Sanremo Coffee Machines and give the user the possibility to fully control the coffee extraction stage both manually and electronically. Most sophisticated brewing technology and maximum coffee enjoyment.

Important features of all "YOU" portafilter machines

  • Version with paddle, water tank and fixed water connection
  • Many color and material combinations
  • Personalized design and style, e.g. with your own brand logo
  • Touch screen
  • Cool Touch steam wand and brewing group
  • Stainless steel kettle
  • Always fresh water (tank + solid water)
  • Real-time extraction
  • Brewing pressure can be adjusted at any time
  • Adjustable extraction profiles
  • Volumetric pump
  • Energy-efficient design and maintenance-friendly construction

Complete control over coffee and extraction parameters

The Sanremo "YOU" gives you complete control over your coffee, from setting the pre-infusion parameters to controlling the pressure and quantity dispensed during the post-infusion. In particular, the group has a paddle for manual pressure control during coffee extraction with a range of up to 11-12 bar. Thanks to 12 memory locations that can be changed directly on the machine, each extraction and its parameters can be saved as an individual recipe and repeated without errors. To ensure the best result in the cup, the Sanremo "YOU" multiboiler has impeccable, electronically controlled thermal stability, making its performance reliable and repeatable. A multifunction touchscreen menu complements the functions of this exclusive Sanremo group, specially designed to ensure efficiency and high performance.

Web APP - The compact and smart machine control
Always have the settings of your machine in view and at hand ( (currently not available – can be retrofitted)

The Sanremo "YOU" is technologically smart and intuitive. Interacting via the web app is super easy and allows anyone, professional or not, to display all of the machine's parameters and interact with the YOU: from the water temperature to the statistics to programming the day of the week timer for individual user times . The app runs on both smartphones and computers and allows you to manage multiple devices at the same time.

With the YOU app, users can operate various functions:

  • Remote control of the machine on/off
  • Check and adjust PID temperature management
  • The boiler temperature as well
  • Set the extraction time and other parameters
  • Manage water tank levels
  • Set water filter change counter depending on time or volume
  • Real time status display
  • Retrieve statistics for coffee quantity and water consumption
  • Program the weekday timer with up to three different “time windows”

Eco-efficiency included

"Handling energy sensibly" was one of the important tasks in the specifications of the Sanremo engineers. The result is the very efficient portafilter energy saving system of the Sanremo "YOU". The energy-optimized design with the insulated stainless steel boiler and the optimized electronic control ensure significantly less energy consumption In order to minimize heating times, the YOU has a programmable timer, with different switch-on times for each day of the week. This means that the "YOU" multiboiler portafilter is always "hot to use" when it is needed. Sanremo followed the "green mindset" when developing it. All materials used are designed for long-term use and are designed to be very easy to maintain. Even the transport packaging is optimized accordingly. The packing size is perfectly optimized for a Euro pallet, the upholstery material is completely recyclable and gentle on the surface. The "YOU" fits exactly into the inlay and is well protected even in difficult transport conditions. The labeling on the outer box is also logistically optimized. The version and color can be seen at a glance.

Sanremo Lifestyle and Looks Design Portafilter Machine Made in Italy

Sun, colorful life and the perfect little black dress - in the professional sector, Sanremo espresso machines in café bars around the world have helped modern coffee culture reach new horizons. With innovative technology and an absolutely new design language, inspired by the functionality and performance of motorsport, the Sanremo coffee machines put the barista at the center of the new coffee experience.

The revolutionary design and technical concept of the Sanremo "YOU" follows the example of the professional Café RACER, which reflects the Sanremo philosophy like no other coffee machine: to be a perfect tool with an independent character of coffee culture in the hand of the barista. The YOU - that means the Sanremo lifestyle and the colorful life of a sophisticated coffee culture now also for home, the office, the hotel room or the shop

Sanremo has developed three customizable optical versions of the technological variants of the "YOU" so that the "YOU" fits perfectly with your lifestyle - whether professional or simply at home. In the custom version, the housing color can be polished in addition to stainless steel, selected from various expressive colors and combined with the accessories. In the custom version, a completely individual finish is possible - including branding the machine with a company logo. The “YOU” becomes an expression of an individual style. Every “YOU” is just as different as the many delicious coffee specialties that can be perfectly prepared with the “YOU”.


Portafilter machine rethought and minimalistically exciting. Configure your “YOU”. The design is self-confident and completely independent. It gives you complete control over your coffee, from setting pre-infusion parameters to controlling the pressure and amount dispensed during post-infusion. Coffee enthusiasts, professionals and experienced baristas will really get their money's worth. Simple and intuitive operation with digital heat and quantity control. The easy cleaning. The energy and performance optimized structure of the components and the APP control complete a successful performance package made up of the finest technology and the best Italian industrial design. Ultimately, however, the result in the cup is decisive and this is where “YOU” really convinces us across the board.


Scope of application: Office, catering (up to 30 cups), household
Machine features: Steam wand (with Cool Touch), hot water, boiler and heat exchanger made of stainless steel, pressure gauge for pump pressure, PID, digital temperature control system, rotary pump, Smart Web App, volumetric pump
Weight: 32kg
Water supply: Fixed water, water tank, external water tank (optional)
Power supply: 230V
Power consumption: 2300W
Number of groups: 1-Group
Number of circles: 2
Manufacturer: Sanremo Coffee Machines Srl
Multiboiler: With multiboiler (multi-boiler system)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 32x39x50cm
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