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Weber Workshops The Key MK II Black 83mm Conical Grinder Coffee Grinder including taxes and shipping

Weber Workshops The Key MK II Black 83mm Conical Grinder Coffee Grinder including taxes and shipping

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Weber Workshops The Key
83mm conical grinder coffee grinder

The original KEY integrated an 83mm conical milling set in the most compact, space-saving design possible.

The Mk.2 represents an evolutionary step in the development of the KEY, introducing significant improvements in usability and workflow while maintaining the same footprint as the original version.

The grinder and holder determine the width of the Key, so it only takes up a fraction of the space required by coffee mills, while the grinder is only a fraction of the size.

Developed by the engineers and designers of the iPod nano, a lot was packed into a small space.

Integrated cleaning brush with replaceable head

Simple speed adjustment knob

Compatible with Standard (49mm and 58mm) and Magic (58mm) tumbler configurations.

Magnetic tumbler centered on hardwood landing pad

The drum configurations are interchangeable with the HG-2 hand coffee grinders

The key is built around the solid 83mm cone cutter set. These are from Mazzer, but are partially seasoned for immediate use using Eber Workshop's own unique secondary processes, and then seal the edge with a life-extending and completely food-safe TiN coating. Perfect for the single dose cafe or at home.

Each KEY Mk.II Grinder comes with the following:

KEY Grinder main unit (SNOW or ONYX)

Easily plug in anywhere in the world (90-240V) C13 power cable (EU with Fixed CH adapter).

Magic Tumbler (patented, fits 58mm). Standard cup (fits 49mm and 58mm) + funnel sold separately.

Air blower for cleaning

RDT bottle

Stainless steel dosing cup

Hex key for assembly and maintenance

Dimensions and weight (product):

248mm x 109.2mm x 349.6mm, 9kg

(9.76″ x 4.30″ x 13.76″)

Dimensions and weight (shipping box):

41 x 61 x 24 cm, 14 kg

Input voltage:

90-240V (compatible worldwide)


350W max


C13 adapter

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