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Comandante Polymer Bean Jar RED

Comandante Polymer Bean Jar RED

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Comandante Polymer Bean Jar RED

The Polymer Bean Jar is a perfect food safe, robust, and versatile addition to your Comandante® C40 grinder - 100% compatible with all Comandante® C40 Mk3 and Mk4 models. Available in classic tones and various colors, choose your style!

Lightweight and virtually unbreakable, the Polymer Bean Jar is the perfect on-the-go solution.

You can safely transport your beans, store your ground coffee and even drink your freshly brewed coffee from it.
The thick walls insulate heat, keeping your coffee warmer and your fingers safe for longer.

The new design also offers some major advantages for the workflow.

All Polymer Bean Jars have a uniform weight - which is ideal for weighing multiple cans of coffee for home, work or competitions. In addition, this high-performance polymer makes it easier to remove unwanted chaff from the ground coffee using static electricity, which further improves the cup quality of your coffee. And finally, the super-smooth and vertical side walls contribute to less waste and faster dosing into the coffee machine or portafilter.
Comandante® only uses BPA-free high-performance polymers that meet the strictest food safety standards. Safe and gentle for you and your valuable coffee beans, but still robust and able to withstand years of use. Made in Germany.

Fast Facts:

  • Food safe, BPA free, high performance polymer
  • 100% compatible with Comandante® C40 Mk3 and Mk4
  • Perfect travel solution - lightweight and virtually unbreakable, use as a mug
  • Advantages in the workflow - uniform weight, smooth side walls, removal of static chaff
  • Multiple colors available - choose your style!
  • Made in Germany
  • Including packaging: 88g and 62x62x67mm

Polymer bean container & lid

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