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Choosing the right milk jug: What you should consider when buying


Do you love latte art and creamy milk foam? Then you should get yourself a good milk jug. Because the right milk jug is essential for the perfect preparation of milk foam.

What should you pay attention to when buying a milk jug?

There are many different milk jugs on the market. The right choice depends on your needs and budget.

Size: The size of the milk jug should depend on your needs. If you only prepare milk foam every now and then, a small milk jug with a capacity of 250 to 450 milliliters is sufficient. However, if you regularly prepare milk foam, you should choose a larger milk jug with a capacity of 500 milliliters or more.

Shape: The shape of the milk jug affects the type of milk foam you can create. Milk jugs with a narrow tip are well suited for latte art as they allow the milk to be measured well. Milk jugs with a wide tip are well suited for creamy milk foam as they distribute the milk more evenly.

Price: Milk jugs are available in all price ranges. Prices start at around 15 CHF.

Here are some more tips for choosing the right milk jug:

  • The milk jug should be easy to clean.
  • The milk jug should be heat-resistant.

If you don't have a milk jug yet, you should get one now. This way you can enjoy your coffee even better.

Synonyms for milk jug:

  • Milk jug
  • milk jug
  • Milk frother
  • Latte art pot
  • Espuma jug
  • Frother jug

I hope this text helps you choose the right milk jug.

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