Experience the Coffee Coaching Club in Bern: Your space for coffee enjoyment, education and events

The Coffee Coaching Club in Bern is not just a place where great coffee is made. It's a space where coffee enthusiasts come together, learn, celebrate and get inspired. With 175 square meters of modern interior space, an inviting terrace and a gallery, our Coffee Coaching Club is the ideal place for all coffee and event needs.

The combination of coffee shop and showroom gives you a unique opportunity to see and try coffee equipment up close, while enjoying a cup of our carefully brewed coffee. From espresso machines to coffee beans, here you can discover everything the world of coffee has to offer.

But the Coffee Coaching Club is more than just a showroom and coffee shop. With our private barista workshops, we offer you the opportunity to expand your barista skills and deepen your knowledge of coffee. Our experienced baristas are happy to share their expertise and passion for coffee with you to accompany you on your coffee journey.

In addition, our space is perfect for team events and team building fun events. Whether it's an informal meeting, a team briefing or a social gathering, we provide you with the space and atmosphere you need to inspire and motivate your team. With a networking apero in our location, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

And why not celebrate your birthday or a special occasion with us? Our room is perfect for private celebrations and offers enough space to welcome your guests in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.

But the Coffee Coaching Club is also an ideal place for customer talks or other professional meetings. With its modern, elegant design and warm, welcoming atmosphere, our room provides the perfect backdrop for productive conversations and creative brainstorming sessions.

In short, in the Coffee Coaching Club in Bern you will find a space that combines coffee culture and community in a unique way. Come by and experience how coffee connects us all!

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