The showroom of the Coffee Coaching Club in Bern: your personal meeting place in the world of coffee

Immerse yourself in the rich, fragrant world of coffee at the Coffee Coaching Club Showroom in Bern. There is everything your heart desires here: from the simple elegance of a Hario filter to the cool temptation of a cold brew to the sophisticated craftsmanship of a French press. A place waiting to be discovered and explored by you.

Everyone is welcome at the Coffee Coaching Club, whether you are a beginner or an experienced barista. Our showroom offers a unique selection of coffee preparation equipment for you to see and try. Here you can experience coffee culture with all your senses and get to know new methods that can take your coffee to a new level.

If you are new to the world of coffee, our well-stocked beginner's equipment will help you get started. From Hario filters that promise you a smooth, nuanced coffee, to French press and cold brew methods that allow you to unfold the full flavor of the coffee. All devices are ready for testing, so you can try out the different preparation methods directly.

For the professionals among you, we have high-quality barista equipment from brands like Normcore to accompany you on your coffee journey. You can expect a variety of espresso machines from well-known manufacturers such as La Marzocco, Rocket Espresso, Profitec, Flair Espresso, Slayer Espresso and Wacaco Espresso.

However, the star in our showroom is undoubtedly the coffee itself. Our large selection of coffee beans leaves nothing to be desired. Regardless of whether you are looking for a strong, dark roasted espresso or prefer the gentle taste of a light roasted filter coffee, you are guaranteed to find your new favorite coffee with us.

In addition to the opportunity to discover and try out new equipment, the showroom of the Coffee Coaching Club in Bern is above all a meeting place. This is where coffee lovers meet like-minded people, can exchange ideas, learn from each other and share their passion for coffee. So come along, bring your friends and discover the fascinating world of coffee with us.

Imagine being able to brew your perfect cup of coffee, every day. At the Coffee Coaching Club in Bern, we make this dream a reality. Our showroom is waiting for you - let's celebrate coffee together!


Normcore Tamper Coffee Coaching Club Bern