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1Zpresso J-Max S - Anthracite

1Zpresso J-Max S - Anthracite

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The 1Zpresso J-Max S is a premium, portable coffee grinder that is essential for coffee lovers who value taste and quality. This sturdy grinder is built with a high-quality stainless steel body and crank, underscoring its longevity and durability.

The J-Max S features a 48mm stainless steel conical grinder that is known for its superior precision and consistency. You can set your grind level via a dial with 90 clicks per revolution, allowing for unprecedented control over the fineness of the grind. Whether you prefer a fine espresso or a coarse French press coffee, this grinder has exactly what you need.

The ergonomic design of the crank helps make grinding effortless, while the internal bearing ensures the crank runs smoothly and smoothly. With a capacity of up to 35g of coffee beans, the J-Max S can grind enough coffee for multiple cups at once, making it both convenient and efficient.

Despite its rugged build, the 1Zpresso J-Max S is surprisingly light and portable. With a weight of only 780g and a size of 18 x 5.2 x 13 cm, it is ideal for travel, camping or just for everyday use at home.

In summary, the 1Zpresso J-Max S is a powerful, portable coffee grinder that boasts both durability and top-notch performance. It is the perfect tool for anyone who appreciates the full enjoyment of freshly ground coffee.

FLEXIBLE COMPANION - Pack up the style! Traveling is made easy with our foldable crank. It is robust, takes up little space and makes it easy to take with you. Wherever you go, our coffee grinder goes with you on every journey!

LUXURY GRINDERS & FINE TUNING - Who knew grinding coffee beans could be such a pleasure? Our first-class coated grinding burr takes on every bean and turns it into the finest powder. With more than 400 clicks of fine adjustment (we move a tiny 8.8 microns with each turn), you'll have the perfect powder for your Turkish coffee or any other favorite brew.

MAGNETIC BIN - Say goodbye to the old bin and hello to our quick release magnetic bin! With a simple twist it is free and offers plenty of space for all your wonderful coffee grounds.

SIMPLY CLEAN - Keep everything sparkling clean! Our coffee grinder can be disassembled without tools and is very easy to clean, so you always get the best aroma from your coffee. And when you put them back together, don't worry, no recalibration is necessary. A useful cleaning brush is also included.

THE 1ZPRESSO PROMISE - Every grinder we ship is personally calibrated and fixed by the 1Zpresso team to ensure nothing wobbles or comes loose. We estimate its grinding capacity at an impressive 100-200 KG of coffee for normal use.

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