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Hello dear coffee connoisseurs! Today we delve into the fascinating world of direct trade specialty coffee and discover the incredible variety of aroma profiles these coffee beans have to offer.

Specialty Coffee, or specialty coffee, denotes the crème de la crème of the coffee world - coffee beans of the highest quality that have been carefully selected, processed and roasted to offer an incomparable taste experience. Direct trade, or direct trading, goes hand-in-hand with the concept of specialty coffee by encouraging the direct purchase of coffee beans from growers. This not only ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their hard work, but also allows the entire process to be monitored from field to cup, ensuring the best possible quality.

Each cup of Direct Trade Specialty Coffee offers a unique taste explosion. From the floral and citrusy notes of Ethiopian coffees to the sweet and berry flavors of Costa Rican beans to the nutty and chocolatey nuances of Colombian beans - the variety of flavor profiles is simply breathtaking. Each region, even each farm, can create its own distinctive flavor, making enjoying specialty coffee an exciting journey of discovery.

Remember that there is no "one right choice" when choosing coffee beans. It's about discovering the flavors that appeal to you the most and make your coffee experience a real pleasure. Whether you're a fan of light, fruity coffees or dark, rich flavors, you're sure to find your perfect match in the world of specialty coffee.

By choosing Direct Trade Specialty Coffee, you not only support the producers and promote sustainable coffee production, you also reward yourself with an exceptional coffee experience. Each sip is a tribute to the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating these amazing beans. So let's toast the wonderful variety of specialty coffees together!

Choose your coffee bean: you can enjoy all the coffee beans that we have on offer in our café and showroom in Bern as espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato or as one of our matcha creations! We also have the right treat, homemade, organic and vegan :)

We scout the world to bring you the tastiest experience :) curated by Coffee Coaching Club for you!


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