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ORGANIC RICH DECAF 250 g coffee beans

ORGANIC RICH DECAF 250 g coffee beans

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ORGANIC RICH DECAF 250 g - Dark Roast

A decaffeinated coffee, rich and aromatic. Classically dark roasted, the noble dark taste unfolds in your cup :)

100% Arabica from Honduras from a women's cooperative, roasted in Switzerland.

Suitable for: French press, mocha, fully automatic machines, portafilter

CO2 extracted

A gentle, residue-free and harmless decaffeination process. The green coffee is first brought to a higher moisture content with water. In an extraction tank, the caffeine is then removed from the coffee by circulating liquid carbon dioxide (carbonic acid) under high pressure. The extraction takes place in a closed loop system where the CO2 is loaded with caffeine from which it is separated in a separator before being pumped back into the extraction tank and through the coffee. This process is repeated until the coffee is largely free of caffeine (less than 0.1% based on the roasted coffee).

Dosage recommendation: We take 20 g in a double sieve for two espressos. The amount of extraction is entirely up to you and your taste.
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