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Ethiopia - Guji - Washed - Fresh roasted Specialty Coffee coffee beans

Ethiopia - Guji - Washed - Fresh roasted Specialty Coffee coffee beans

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With a sweet tartness that reminds us of Lemonhead candies and lingering notes of chocolate and jasmine, this delicious cup is as exciting from the first sip to last. You can expect to find notes of earl gray and peach, with an excellent floral and clean finish. It's perfect for filter and espresso brewing.

This coffee is washed, meaning that the coffee fruit was taken away from the beans as soon as they were picked. Using this process gives the coffee its beautiful flavor clarity. It's a satisfying, refreshing cup.

These beans are from the Guji zone in Ethiopia, one of the most exciting coffee regions in the world. Despite its proximity to neighboring regions Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, the flavor profiles are distinct, giving complex, yet balanced tastes.


Location: Guji

Producer: Metad

Varietal: Native Heirloom, from several smallholders.

Growing Altitude: 2000 meters

Processing Method: Washed

Harvest: January 2020

Flavor Notes: Earl Grey, Peach & Lemon

Delivery only from 03/13/2023

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