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Comandante Barracuda Velvet Steel - very limited quantity

Comandante Barracuda Velvet Steel - very limited quantity

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Commander Barracuda Velvet Steel

Introducing the C60 Baracuda from Comandante, showcasing the pinnacle of its line's grinding technology with a 2x to 3x increase in performance that ensures fast and consistent grinding to perfection. The burrs feature unparalleled precision and are made from high-alloy nitrogen stainless steel surrounded by a martensitic microcrystalline matrix.

The careful geometry of the grinding disks is optimized to deliver excellent efficiency with minimal crank rotation, while ensuring uniform particle grinding for unmatched brew finesse. The steel ridges are neutral and allow the authentic coffee taste to shine through.

Enter a realm of precision with the C60 Baracuda's new GX50 Gold Clix system, offering a range of grind settings with remarkable accuracy. The gradual adjustment of the grinding level gives you control over each brewing method and ensures an even consistency in every cup. Enjoy excellent results, be it with alternative brewing methods, espresso or Ibrik. Each Gold Clix setting changes the grind setting by 41.6 μm, which corresponds to a 21 μm change in coffee particle size.

The construction of the C60 Baracuda heralds a novel design. Stainless steel proves to be the material of choice, providing a sturdy and food-safe place for your coffee grinding work. The body, together with the axle and its stabilization, is forged from a single stainless steel block. The latest technology is used, which is synonymous with the production of engine components, ensuring long-lasting durability and remarkable axle stabilization. The exterior facade is decorated with brushed stainless steel, which is simply a feast for the eyes.

Taking the path of safety and efficiency, Comandante uses BPA-free polymers that meet strict food safety standards and are engineered to withstand the test of time. Each grinder comes with two containers for your ground coffee: a transparent and a pink polymer container, which make cleaning easier and hold around 40g of coffee beans.

The brand's love of natural wood is expressed in a solid oak handle crafted by artisans from Germany's Black Forest. Its ergonomic design paired with the unique oak grain is a visual delight. The C60 Baracuda is equipped with an XL handle decorated with a Big Joe button that makes the grinding process easier. The grinding level adjustment knob is a brass masterpiece and embodies the absence of aluminum in Comandante products.

The C60 Baracuda, manufactured with precision in Germany and weighing around 1018 grams, is a testament to its solid construction and compact stature.

What makes the Comandante C60 Baracuda different from the C40 MK4 Nitro Blade models?

  • A leap in milling efficiency and size
  • A new body design with axle stabilization, made from a single stainless steel block.
  • The advanced GX50 Gold Clix grind adjustment system with a brass knob.
  • The XL handle paired with a Big Joe button harmonizes grinding
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