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MHW-3BOMBER Milk Pitcher 5.0 Muliticolor 700 ml

MHW-3BOMBER Milk Pitcher 5.0 Muliticolor 700 ml

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MHW-3BOMBER Milk Pitcher 5.0 Muliticolor 400 ml

Flagship 5.0
Born for lattes

Inspired by the shape of a crocodile mouth

This brand new design results in cleaner lines

And allows milk foam to be released evenly

From which you can conjure up a beautiful latte work of art.

Dear barista,

With the MHW-3BOMBER milk frother, your coffee becomes a work of art.

The unique crocodile ring mouth design and double curved guide slot ensure even and consistent foaming. This way you can easily conjure up beautiful patterns on your coffee and impress your friends and family.

The front and rear double curved diversion tanks of the foamed milk container nozzle fully release the milk to facilitate the oscillation of the second cycle. Thanks to the unique crocodile mouth design, the rocking lines become clearer, allowing you to create any pattern as you imagine.

The handle of the coffee steamer is polished smooth and fits perfectly in the hand. This means you can easily use the frother even during long periods of use.

The MHW-3BOMBER is made of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel and will therefore last forever even with frequent use.

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