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Varia EVO Hybrid Coffee (Hand) Mill White

Varia EVO Hybrid Coffee (Hand) Mill White

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Varia EVO Hybrid coffee (hand) grinder

Experience effortless grinding with the innovative Varia EVO hybrid (hand) mill! Combining USB-C technology with a traditional hand mill, it is lightning fast and easy to use. This ultra-lightweight device offers powerful grinding features to help you make your perfect cup of coffee. How good does that sound?!

Whether you are a coffee lover or a specialty coffee connoisseur, this grinder was designed with you in mind. Available as a standalone handheld or in combination with the state-of-the-art motor, the Varia EVO grinder offers unmatched versatility and precision.

  • World's First Hybrid Grinder: Experience the fusion of USB-C technology and traditional hand grinding, all in one compact and powerful device.

  • Space-Grade Construction: Built with CNC precision machining and a remarkable tolerance of 0.02mm, the Varia EVO grinder promises solidity, durability and longevity.

  • Grinding boundaries are redefined: A perfect blend of convenience, performance and craftsmanship, designed for the true coffee lover.

  • Portable and ready for adventure: With its durable construction, travel case and USB-C charging, the Varia EVO grinder is your perfect coffee companion wherever you go.

  • Upgradeable Grinder Sets: VS3 technology allows you to swap out grinder cones to explore and experiment with different coffee making methods and flavors.

  • Grinding speed (with motor):
    • 20g for espresso (setting #10): 70 seconds
    • 20g for filter (setting #30): 45 seconds

Additional Information:

  • Meticulously crafted using CNC precision machining with a remarkable tolerance of 0.02mm, the Varia EVO mill features incredible solidity and durability.
  • The Varia EVO grinder was developed specifically for coffee enthusiasts and specialty connoisseurs and represents the highest level of performance with its advanced grinder design, lightweight aluminum construction and extremely smooth drive unit.
  • The mill embodies exceptional consistency and efficiency, switching seamlessly between manual crank and power modes. It offers over 140 precision steps (10 microns each) and handles a variety of grind sizes and roast profiles.
  • The Varia EVO grinder features Supernova Burr technology and ensures precise, even and dynamic grinding with incredible brewing results.
  • Using a lithium-ion battery cell and a 7.4V motor with USB-C charging, the grinder can easily handle all roasting profiles at filter grind levels. If a finer grind is required, the hand crank can be used. The battery is designed to last and can even be ground for espresso.
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