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Weber Workshops The Bird Extraction redefined

Weber Workshops The Bird Extraction redefined

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Weber Workshops The Bird Extraction redefined

Say hello to Weber's first coffee maker: The BIRD™.

Its unique design stands out from espresso, French press or pour-over and creates something entirely its own: a rich and complex coffee, brewed in a sleek, innovative machine with minimal effort. The BIRD stands for “Brew In Reverse Direction” and is the first bypass-free brewer to create piston-operated vacuum brews in a glass device. The BIRD is a completely new platform for baristas and coffee lovers to explore uncharted territories of brewing, both at home and in cafes.

Careful attention to detail and thoughtful material selection combine to create the following:

Brew up to 350ml without bypass

Patent pending brewing mechanism

Thick and robust borosilicate glass

Brew capsule made of 316 stainless steel

Drive shaft made of 304 stainless steel

Solid brass wing nut mechanism

Easy to disassemble for cleaning

Brewing without a bypass has long been established as the preferred method among coffee lovers. The BIRD no-bypass turbocharger with precise, user-controlled vacuum pressure gives the barista complete control over the extraction while allowing for a much finer grind than typical pour-overs. The BIRD is a platform for everything from quick brewing to overnight cold brewing. We will feature our own recipes as well as the recipes of several industry-leading coffee connoisseurs with whom we collaborated throughout the development process.

Items included

Each BIRD comes with the following:

A BIRD device.

A reusable stainless steel filter.

300 abaca paper filters made in Japan for WW by Cafec.

A solid filter paper station made of anodized aluminum with a microfiber base.

A silicone rubber drip catcher for easy cleaning.

Dimensions and weight (product)

85mm diameter (glass) x 180mm height

830g (dry)

Dimensions and weight (shipping box)

315mm x 150mm x 225mm (12.4" x 5.91" x 8.86")

1.9kg (4 pounds)

Coffee capacity

20-35g ground coffee

Brewing capacity

Up to 400 g of water in, 350 g of coffee out.


We believe that a good product is a clean product. Easy cleaning is essential to improving coffee quality and the hygiene of your countertop.

The BIRD parts can all be disassembled and washed in seconds. The drip catcher assists the barista with a temporary holding zone for the POD after brewing, allowing you to get straight to your coffee without leaving residue for later. This also allows the coffee puck to cool before handling, making the entire process more pleasant.

Please only use soap and detergent on the BIRD. Since this is a precision instrument, it is not dishwasher safe.

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