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Weber Workshops Unibasket 58 mm 20 g - Better Extraction Dynamics

Weber Workshops Unibasket 58 mm 20 g - Better Extraction Dynamics

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Weber Workshops Unibasket 58 mm 20 g - Better Extraction Dynamics

With the Unifilter, Weber Workshops has created a portafilter revolution. Weber Workshops extends this concept to the Unibasket®, using the same construction and suction improvements as the Unifilter, but in a “drop-in” basket shape. Now available in 4 basket sizes, including an industry-first giant 28g mega filter.

The Unibasket is a portafilter basket made from a single, thick piece of stainless steel. While typical baskets are made of thin wafers, the Unibasket is forged from a 1.2 mm thick metal blank. The added thickness greatly improves the puck's rigidity during extraction by reducing bottom deflection, a common cause of puck cracks and channels during extraction.

The height of the Unibasket® varies depending on the size. If the existing basket in your portafilter with spout is shorter, the Unibasket® may interfere with the bottom of the group handle.

The Unibasket® is made from a solid piece of 304 stainless steel. All holes are individually laser cut and extend to the vertical edge of the wall, creating a true 58.5mm puck from top to bottom. The technology invented by Weber Workshops is characterized by inimitable quality and craftsmanship. Do not accept substitutions.

Now for shots weighing 16 to 28g, divided into 4 sizes (and all +/- to 1g when using or omitting the puck screen).

Size: 71mm diameter x 24mm (16g), 26mm (20g), 29mm (24g), 31mm (28g) height

Weight (basket size in brackets): 56 g (16 g), 59 g (20 g), 62 g (24 g), 66 g (28 g)

Material: Forged. Machined and polished 304 stainless steel

The Unibasket® is optimized for use with the Weber Workshops BUCK. Your naked portafilter may be wide and deep enough to accommodate the Unibasket®, but it's not a naked BUCK. The taper on the bottom can be so deep that it catches drips from the outermost holes in the basket, resulting in a somewhat messy brewing experience. Make sure the bottom opening on your group handle is 61mm or wider. Also fits Normcore bottemless portafilter.

The Unibasket® fits most bottomless group handles. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with ECM, Slayer, Gaggia, Rancillio, Breville bottomless group handles. Unibasket® fits Lelit and Rocket, but the flow is blocked at the bottom opening.

Included in the package

1 Unibasket®

1 retaining spring (for use with standard 58mm portafilter housing)

1 pack of EPFs (Espresso Paper Filters) – Unifilter size

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