Flair Espresso, lecker!

Flavor espresso, delicious!

Choosing the right espresso machine is crucial to the flavor of your coffee and Flair Espresso is a great option. With a range of models including the flagship Flair 58, the entry-friendly NEO, the classic model and the advanced PRO 2, Flair offers Espresso for every taste and skill level the right device.

1. **Flair NEO**: The Flair NEO is ideal for beginners. Equipped with a flow control portafilter, this model allows even novices to brew balanced and flavorful espressos. The ease of use of this model offers an easy entry into the world of hand-brewed espresso without sacrificing quality.

2. **Flair Classic**: The Flair Classic model is a manual, non-electric espresso machine that gives you full control over the brewing process. With its robust design and easy handling, it is perfect for those who want to learn and master the art of espresso preparation.

3. **Flair PRO 2**: The Flair PRO 2 is designed for those who want to take their espresso preparation skills to a more professional level. It offers advanced features like a larger brewing chamber and a pressure gauge that lets you monitor the optimal pressure for your extraction. It also allows for more precise temperature control, resulting in improved extraction and a more delicious espresso.

4. **Flair 58**: The Flair 58 is the premium model in the Flair range and offers a number of features that further optimize the brewing process. The most important of these is the electric heater for the group head, which ensures a constant temperature during extraction - an important factor in the taste of the espresso. It also features a 58mm portafilter - a standard in the professional barista world - allowing the use of a variety of third-party accessories.

Overall, the choice of a Flair Espresso model is of great importance for the taste of your coffee. Manual operation of these machines offers unparalleled control over the brewing process, resulting in superior flavor. Whatever your skill level or your needs, Flair Espresso offers a model that suits you. Experience the taste difference with a Flair espresso machine in your kitchen.
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