Präzisions Tamper

Precision tamper

A precise tamper, such as the Normcore tamper, is an essential barista tool and can significantly influence the taste of your espresso. When you're on the hunt for the perfect espresso, things like pressure, tamping straight, and avoiding channeling are key. A quality tamper can help optimize these aspects.

1. **Pressure when tamping**: The correct tamping, i.e. the compression of the ground coffee in the portafilter, requires the right pressure. Too little pressure leads to rapid extraction and results in an under-extracted, sour espresso. Too much pressure, on the other hand, can result in slow extraction and an over-extracted, bitter espresso. A precision tamper like the Normcore delivers the right amount of pressure thanks to its well thought-out design, allowing for even extraction and achieving the perfect taste experience.

2. **Line up straight**: Another important aspect of line up is straightness. The coffee should be evenly distributed in the portafilter to ensure even extraction. Skew tamping can lead to inconsistent flavor results. The Normcore Tamper is designed to always have straight contact with the ground coffee, which promotes an even extraction.

3. **Avoiding Channelling**: Channeling occurs when water flows through certain areas of the coffee grounds faster than others. This leads to uneven extraction and can negatively affect the taste of the espresso. By using a precise tamper like the Normcore, the ground coffee is compacted evenly, which minimizes the risk of channeling and helps to improve the taste.

A Normcore tamper provides the precision needed for consistent extraction and optimal flavor experience. The right choice of tamper can mean the difference between a good espresso and an exceptional one. So invest in quality and precision to achieve the best possible espresso.
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