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Dear coffee lovers,

Today we would like to tell you about a very special coffee - the heirloom coffee from Yemen. The word "heirloom coffee" describes coffee that comes from traditional, non-hybrid coffee plant varieties that have been passed down from generation to generation within a specific region or community. This term is often associated with high quality coffee that is grown using sustainable farming practices and has a unique flavor profile. This type of coffee has a long tradition and has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is a variety appreciated by coffee connoisseurs all over the world for its unique characteristics and taste.

The heirloom coffee from Yemen is characterized by its special cultivation method. The beans are harvested by hand and sun-dried. This gives them an intense aroma and a fine acidity that pampers the palate. The coffee has a full-bodied taste with hints of fruit and spices that lingers on the tongue for a long time.

But what makes this coffee from Yemen so special? It is the fact that it is an original type of coffee that has not been cultivated. The beans come from wild coffee bushes that grow in the mountainous regions of Yemen. These plants have remained unchanged for centuries, adapting to the particular climatic conditions. The soil, climate and altitude all contribute to Yemen's coffee being among the best in the world.

If you want to taste the heirloom coffee from Yemen, then I recommend you to grind it yourself at home. So you can enjoy the full aroma and learn to appreciate the special quality of this coffee. You will be amazed by this extraordinary taste experience and the journey into the world of Yemeni coffee will not let you go.

So don't hesitate any longer and treat yourself to a cup of heirloom coffee from Yemen. Let yourself be enchanted by its unique taste and immerse yourself in the world of coffee. You will not regret it!
Our Desert Rose is 80% heirloom from Yemen .

See you soon, your Coffee Coaching Club team

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