Warum Victoria Arduino?

Why Victoria Arduino?

Founded in Italy in 1905, Victoria Arduino represents a combination of technology, design and tradition that makes it a formidable brand in the espresso machine sector. Here are some reasons that make Victoria Arduino stand out compared to other coffee maker brands:

1. Tradition meets innovation: Victoria Arduino combines over a century of experience in the manufacture of coffee machines with continuous innovation. They pride themselves on bringing their history into the future by incorporating new technologies and innovations into their products.

2. Excellent Design: Victoria Arduino pays great attention to the design of her machines. They combine functionality and aesthetics to create machines that look as good as they work. Her iconic designs can be seen in cafes around the world and have won several international design awards.

3. Technological Innovation: Victoria Arduino has consistently set new standards in the industry. They were the first company to integrate temperature stability into espresso machines using PID control. They have also developed breakthrough technologies such as gravimetric technology, which allows baristas to measure the exact amount of water used in espresso extraction.

4. Sustainability: Victoria Arduino has a strong commitment to sustainability and has taken steps to reduce the energy consumption of its machines. They strive to minimize the environmental footprint of their manufacturing process.

5. Quality Control: Every Victoria Arduino machine goes through rigorous quality control to ensure it meets the highest standards. The machines are known for their reliability and durability.

6. Customer Service: Victoria Arduino offers extensive customer service to support customers from consultation and installation to maintenance and repair.

Overall, with her rich heritage, attention to design and technology, commitment to sustainability, strict quality control and outstanding customer service, Victoria Arduino is a strong competitor in the coffee maker world and offers many advantages over other brands.
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