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The Italian company La Marzocco, founded in Florence in 1927, is something of the queen of espresso machines in the world of coffee. It's a brand that coffee lovers around the world call in awe, and their machines are an integral part of many of the world's finest cafes and coffeehouses.

La Marzocco is known for its passion, tradition and relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. From day one, the company pioneered the invention of the first espresso machine with horizontal boilers, a design still used by most manufacturers today.

The name La Marzocco means more than just espresso. It is a symbol of the culture and character of Italy, a country known for its love of coffee. When you brew a cup of espresso pouring out of a La Marzocco machine, you experience more than just a drink. It's like holding a piece of history in your hands, filled with the culture, skill and creativity of the people who built these remarkable machines.

Whether you're a professional barista, a café owner, or a coffee lover looking to brew the perfect espresso at home, La Marzocco offers a range of machines to meet all needs. From the rugged Linea PB, designed for demanding café operations, to the stylish GS3, designed for home use, La Marzocco offers a range of options unmatched in the industry.

But what really makes these machines special is not only their outstanding design or technical performance, but also the promise they represent - the promise that every cup of coffee that comes out of a La Marzocco machine is made with passion, precision and... devotion was prepared. This is La Marzocco's true heritage, and it's why they continue to be regarded as one of the best in the coffee world.

Each La Marzocco machine is a masterpiece that represents the true art of espresso making. They are the heart of many cafes and the heart of Italian coffee culture. Every cup of espresso that flows from a La Marzocco is a testament to their unparalleled quality and commitment to coffee perfection. With a La Marzocco you get more than just an espresso machine - you get a piece of Italian tradition and coffee art that lives in every sip.

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