Welche ECM ist die Richtige für mich?

Which ECM is right for me?

The main differences between the ECM models Synchronika, Mechanika, Elektronika and Technika are the brewing group, the valves and the additional functions.

Brew group

All four models use the E61 brew group, which is considered the standard for high-quality espresso machines. The E61 brewing group is made of brass and features a thermosiphon system that keeps the brewing process consistent and stable.


The mechanics and the technical areas have rotary valves for the steam and hot water taps. The Synchronika and Elektronika have quick steam valves that enable faster and more precise steam and hot water production.

Additional functions

The Synchronika and the Elektronika have a PID control that keeps the brewing temperature constant. The Technika has a timer function that automatically limits the brewing time.


Model Brew group Valves Additional functions
Synchronics E61 Quick Steam PID control
Electronica E61 Quick Steam PID control
Mechanics E61 Rotary valve -
Technika E61 Rotary valve timer

Which model is right for me?

The decision for the right ECM model depends on the individual requirements. If you value precise steam and hot water production, you should choose the Synchronika or the Elektronika with quick steam valves. If you need a timer function, you should choose the Technika. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive machine, the Mechanika is a good choice.


The Synchronika is the most expensive model, followed by the Elektronika. The Mechanika is the cheapest model.

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