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Subminimal Nanofoamer Pro

Subminimal Nanofoamer Pro

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At Coffee Coaching Club, we believe you deserve premium, cafe-quality microfoam whenever you feel like it. With the NanoFoamer PRO you can do this without expensive, high-maintenance equipment and special skills.

With the NanoFoamer PRO you can now prepare a first-class cappuccino in café quality, regardless of whether you prepare your espresso with a hand lever machine, a capsule machine, a fully automatic machine, an Aeropress, a moka pot or another espresso machine. The only talent you need is pouring latte art.

Speed ​​up your workflow by synchronizing your milk heating and frothing with your espresso preparation. This means both are ready at the same time and your espresso cream remains intact.

And if you feel like it, you can just pour latte art just for the fun of it! We would do it anyway.

Rich microfoam in just three easy steps:

1. Choose a flow regulator. Black is for dairy products, blue and green are for dairy alternatives. Experiment to see what works best with your milk.

2. Choose a program. Choose from five different programs, depending on the size of your drink and how thick and frothy you like your foam.

3. Pour a masterpiece. Prepare to create exquisite latte art or simply enjoy the smooth microfoam texture while you drink your coffee.

Our NanoFoamer PRO beats dry foam, hands down. Compared to foam produced by other milk frothers, the NanoFoamer PRO's microfine foam is simply incomparable. It tastes better, is richer, smoother and creamier.

You'll get perfect micro-fine foam in just 1-2 minutes while you concentrate on making your coffee. What more do you want?

Our NanoFoamer PRO is perfect for milk alternatives. It works with cow's milk as well as soy milk, oat milk, almond milk and any other milk alternatives you like.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 12x12x20cm
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 800g
  • Power: 400W
  • Min. capacity: 100ml
  • Hz: 50-60Hz
  • Max. Capacity: 220ml
  • Cable length: 70cm
  • Schuko plug

Want to enjoy cafe-quality microfoam at home? Then try out the NanoFoamer PRO!

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