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Acaia Orbit Multipurpose Hopper

Acaia Orbit Multipurpose Hopper

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Acaia Orbit Multipurpose Hopper: Precise grinding for every need

Single dose or batch dosing – the Orbit Multipurpose Hopper makes it possible!

With this innovative multi-purpose container from Acaia, you can grind your coffee beans precisely and efficiently - according to your needs.

Ideal for single dosing:

    • Perfect for the perfect coffee enjoyment: With the Orbit Multipurpose Hopper you always grind exactly the right amount of coffee for a cup. This way you avoid leftover coffee and always enjoy fresh, aromatic coffee.
    • Quick and easy: The funnel is easy to fill and empty. This saves you time and effort when making coffee.

Also suitable for batch dosing:

    • Flexible and versatile: The Orbit Multipurpose Hopper offers you different capacity options from 250 g to 2 kg. This means you can grind both small and large quantities of coffee beans.

High-quality materials and workmanship:

    • Robust and durable: The Orbit Multipurpose Hopper is made of anodized aluminum and is therefore particularly robust and durable.
    • Easy to clean: The funnel is easy to disassemble and clean. This is how you keep your coffee maker hygienically clean.

Discover the benefits of the Acaia Orbit Multipurpose Hopper:

    • Precise grinding for single-dose and batch dosing
    • Flexible use thanks to various capacity options, e.g. B. in Grind by Weight mode in combination with the Acaia Lunar scale
    • High quality materials and workmanship
    • Easy cleaning

Order the Acaia Orbit Multipurpose Hopper now and enjoy perfect coffee enjoyment at the push of a button!

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