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Ascaso BABY T ONE incl Barista Workshop - Black

Ascaso BABY T ONE incl Barista Workshop - Black

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Ascaso Baby T One: The perfect espresso machine for home baristas and small businesses

See it live? The red one is in our showroom in Bern and is waiting to be tested by you.

Coffee Coaching Club Bonus: when you buy an Ascaso you will receive a free barista workshop (German or English) at our Coffee Coaching Club in Bern. As chemists and flavor developers, we examine coffee and coffee preparation from a refreshingly new perspective. This means you can make your espresso at home straight away.
In addition, you always receive support and a Swiss guarantee after your purchase.

The Ascaso Baby T One is a high-end espresso machine that is ideal for both home baristas and small businesses. It combines all the important features for preparing a perfect espresso and also offers several other innovative functions.

Performance characteristics

The Ascaso Baby T One has multi-element technology with PID control. This technology ensures a constant brewing temperature of +/- 1.5 °C and therefore a consistently perfect result. The machine is also equipped with a rotary pump that delivers powerful steam power.

Energy efficient and safe

The Thermoblock technology of the Ascaso Baby T One ensures that the coffee is always prepared with fresh water. This not only contributes to better taste, but also impressive energy efficiency. In addition, Ascaso has taken a big step towards food safety by using special stainless steel. This guarantees a minimization of metal migration into the coffee in accordance with EN16889.


The Ascaso Baby T One is equipped with a variety of functions that make it easier to prepare the perfect espresso. These include, among others:

  • Shot Clock: Shows the brewing time
  • Programmable portion buttons (volumetric): Allow you to set the desired amount of coffee
  • LED Barista Lights: Illuminate the buttons and the portafilter
  • Steam Joystick: Allows precise control of steam pressure
  • Professional Thermoblock brewing group: ensures even extraction of the coffee
  • Timed hot water outlet: Allows you to quickly prepare hot water for tea or cocoa
  • 2l water tank: Provides enough water for several cups of espresso


The Ascaso Baby T One has an elegant matt black design. It is equipped with walnut wood accessories that give it a special touch.


The Ascaso Baby T One is a powerful and inspiring espresso machine in every respect that is ideal for both home baristas and smaller companies. It offers all the important features for preparing a perfect espresso and also has some innovative functions.

  • Multi-element technology
  • Professional thermoblock
  • 2.5 liter stainless steel service boiler
  • Rotary pump
  • multifunctional PID control
  • Coffee and steam temperatures can be programmed separately
  • Pre-infusion
  • illuminated portion buttons
  • LED barista lights
  • separate, time-controlled hot water outlet
  • 2l water tank
  • Walnut wood accessories
  • 2 stainless steel portafilters (single and double spout)
  • 4 stainless steel sieves (7g, 14g, 21g and blind sieve)
  • ascaso APP control optional

Service boiler: 2297 W
Brewing group: 1000 W
WIDTH 350mm
DEPTH 430 mm
HEIGHT 380mm

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