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Bentwood The Vertical 63 Black

Bentwood The Vertical 63 Black

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Will be made for you within 14 days of ordering! Different wood, different color, contact us for personalization requests.

The grinder for all needs

From super fine to extra coarse - the Vertical 63 does it all. Thanks to the unique geometry of the 63mm special steel grinders, your taste experience will be enriched, whether you brew filter, espresso or something else.

Cool grinding is fundamental to getting the best flavor from your coffee. That's why the powerful motor is supported by a double ventilation system to keep the grinder cool. The infinitely variable grinding degree setting guides you intuitively to your perfect grinding degree setting by displaying the particle size in micrometers.

Vertical grinders, a clean setup and a removable spout reduce retention to a minimum. You can work single can or with a full hopper, save two different times or use Barista mode to start and stop.

The adjustable portafilter holder is suitable for all portafilters and can be easily adjusted without tools. The portafilter holder can be permanently mounted or used flexibly, for example on a scale.

The dosing funnel ensures that all your coffee powder gets into your portafilter and your work surface stays clean. It is included with every order for a Bentwood Vertical 63, but can also be ordered separately.


  • Vertical 63mm flat grinders with unique geometry for excellent taste from fine to coarse
  • Double ventilation system
  • Easy to use, stepless grinding level adjustment
  • Almost silent grinding
  • Low retention
  • Time dosing
  • Portafilter holder that is suitable for all portafilters. Can be permanently mounted or held flexibly
  • Extra durable hopper with special locking mechanism to reduce oxidation of the beans
  • Cleaning brush comes with every grinder
  • Customization on request

Enjoy it!

Why you should buy the Vertical 63 from the Coffee Coaching Club:

  • You will receive advice from coffee experts and can ask any questions you may have
  • You can try different coffees and find the right one for you
  • You will learn how to use your grinder optimally and prepare your coffee perfectly
  • You will become part of a great community of coffee lovers

Come by and see for yourself!

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