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Bezzera ARIA TOP PID, incl. Barista Workshop, closed stainless steel housing

Bezzera ARIA TOP PID, incl. Barista Workshop, closed stainless steel housing

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Bezzera ARIA TOP PID, closed stainless steel housing

Coffee Coaching Club Bonus: when you buy a Bezzera, you get a free barista workshop (German or English) at our Coffee Coaching Club in Bern. As chemists and flavor developers, we look at coffee and coffee preparation from a refreshingly new perspective. This will help you get your espresso right away at home.
In addition, you will always receive support and a Swiss guarantee after the purchase.

  • Rotary pump for better espresso taste and smooth operation
  • Operation via water tank or fixed water connection possible
  • PID / Digital Temperature Control
  • shot timer
  • E61 brew group
  • Toggle taps black
  • Professional steam nozzle for perfect milk froth
  • 1-piece portafilter with 1-portion sieve, black handle
  • 2-piece portafilter with 2-piece sieve, black handle

All- rounder - Handmade in Milan
The Bezzera ARIA is a classic two-circuit machine with the legendary Faema E61 brewing group. The high-quality case is made of stainless steel and, like all Bezzera components, is proudly handcrafted in Milan. Thanks to the robust components and the good handling, the ARIA promises daily barista pleasure.

Small machine with all the technical finesse
Bezzera has once again found a fine solution: a small, compact housing and yet a powerful rotary pump, you won't find that anywhere else. The rotary pumps are significantly quieter and create an even better result in the cup thanks to optimal pressure build-up. With this the espresso lover tickles the full potential of his roasts and blends. Thanks to the proven Faema E-61 brew group, the Aria has excellent temperature stability and makes it possible to create easily reproducible results. An absolute classic with a new housing design.

PID and shot timer guarantee the perfect espresso shot
Select the perfect temperature for each roast and then conveniently perfect the espresso draw using the shot timer.

Dual circuit rotary pump fixed water and tank Manuel with shot timer with PID copper boiler

design type dual circuit
pump type rotary pump
fixed water / tank Fixed water and tank
portioning Manuel with shot timer
PID controllers with PID
Boiler mat. copper cauldron
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