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Bezzera Matrix Top MN, dual boiler, 2 PID incl. Barista course workshop

Bezzera Matrix Top MN, dual boiler, 2 PID incl. Barista course workshop

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Bezzera Matrix Top MN, dual boiler, 2 PID

Coffee Coaching Club Bonus: when you buy a Profitec you will receive a free barista workshop (German or English) at our Coffee Coaching Club in Bern. As chemists and flavor developers, we examine coffee and coffee preparation from a refreshingly new perspective. This means you can make your espresso at home straight away.

In addition, you always receive support and a Swiss guarantee after your purchase.

Bezzera Matrix Top: The espresso machine for professionals and connoisseurs

The Bezzera Matrix Top is a state-of-the-art espresso machine that impresses with its innovative technology and elegant design. It combines the traditional E61 brewing group with a dual boiler system and sophisticated electronics.

Excellent espresso quality

The Matrix Top has a professional E61 brewing group that ensures an even and constant brewing temperature. So you can prepare perfect espresso in just a few seconds.

Perfect milk foam formation

The large 2 liter kettle delivers enough steam for perfect milk foam formation. This means you can prepare creamy cappuccinos and lattes in no time.

Innovative technology

The Matrix Top is equipped with a dual boiler system that regulates the temperature of the brewing water and the steaming water independently of each other. This means you can always set the perfect temperature for your espresso or milk foam.

Sophisticated electronics

The Matrix Top is equipped with sophisticated electronics that are controlled via a 3.5-inch touch display. This means you can adapt the machine individually to your needs.

technical features

  • Dual boiler system with PID control
  • Professional E61 brewing group
  • Large 2 liter water reservoir
  • 2 PID thermostats
  • Quantity programming
  • 3.5 inch touch display
  • Cup storage grid

With different colored Plexiglas side panels, you can quickly adapt the machine to the furnishing style of the room.
Matrix MN - 2 PID thermostats - E61 brewing group:
The machine is equipped with the traditional E61 brewing group: coffee extraction begins when the lever is raised and is interrupted by lowering it as soon as the desired capacity in the cup is reached. The brewing group is heated by the thermosiphon circulation system with water from a smaller espresso kettle for coffee extraction. The temperature is controlled by a PID thermostat, which guarantees optimal thermal stability in a range of 88-96°C.

The most important thing in brief :

- Automatic daily on/off setting
- Automatic brew group rinsing program
- Pre-infusion can be adjusted
- Water filter alarm and maintenance cycles - Plexiglass side panels
- Variation of the intensity and color of the side panels using RGB LED - Selection of the water supply: either via the water pipe (fixed water) or via the water tank
- Boiler priority is adjustable

Technical data:

- Rotary pump
- 4 liter fresh water tank
- Coffee boiler 0.45 liters
- Steam/water boiler 1 liter
- Fixed water connection possible
- Housing and body made of AISI 304 (V4A stainless steel)
- Gross weight: 36kg

Dimensions: Width: 310mm / Depth: 470mm / Height: 420mm

Scope of delivery:

- 2 portafilters with rosewood handles
- 2 sieves (7gr. and 16gr.)
- Rosewood steam/water reference buttons
- Nylon brush
- Plastic tamper and measuring spoon
- Blind sieve (for group head cleaning)

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