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Ceado E37SD single dose coffee grinder

Ceado E37SD single dose coffee grinder

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Ceado E37SD

Single dose grinder
Designed to retain as little coffee as possible, the E37SD is designed to grind single doses of coffee and therefore has no bean hopper. With the included Bellows tool, you can empty the grinding chamber to prepare for the next batch.

Quick gear adjustment
The unique Quick Set Gear allows you to quickly switch from one grind setting to another by loosening the worm gear assembly. This innovative design allows you to switch between different brewing methods in a flash for truly universal grinding.

83mm OpalGlide grinders
The E37SD's massive grinders are designed for speed, consistency and low residue. Originally featured on the E37T, the OpalGlide coating protects its cutting edge and significantly extends the life of the burrs compared to all-steel burrs.

barista tools
Inside the box you'll find an RDT sprayer, a WDT cup and an espresso funnel - a set of tools that ensure perfect dosing and minimal residue. With these tools, you have quality, consistent results at your fingertips.

Discover the ultimate precision with the E37SD, Ceado's dedicated single-dose grinder engineered for all coffee preparation methods. Its substantial 83mm OpalGlide coated burrs consistently produce grinds with virtually no retention. Complete with essential barista tools that combat static for flawless dosing, the E37SD ensures your coffee journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Embrace the Ceado E37SD Experience
Ceado's E37SD is a single-dose powerhouse that seamlessly transitions between coarse and fine settings, delivering consistent results – a rarity in itself. It's remarkable how these attributes often stand apart. While numerous grinders offer the entire grind spectrum, they fall short on delivering uniform outcomes. The E37SD defies this norm by achieving both. This achievement is made possible through a unique design that departs from the norm of bean hoppers and programmable timed dispensing found in similar-grade grinders, opting instead for a wholly manual user interface.

Each E37SD comes equipped with a suite of barista tools that address every aspect. The RDT (Ross Droplet Technique) sprayer eradicates static during grinding, while the WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) cup ensures effortless grounds transfer to your brewer. The zero-retention bellows clears any residual coffee from the grinding chamber, and an espresso funnel catches grounds as they cascade elegantly into your portafilter. Perhaps most crucially, the Quick Set Gear system facilitates precise adjustments with ease. It can be swung out of the way for broader grind modifications using the adjustment collar. This feature alone is a substantial leap compared to other grinders that often lack tools catering to the diverse coffee brewing landscape.

Under the hood, the grinder boasts a robust 400W motor and a set of 83mm OpalGlide coated burrs. This potent combination rapidly and consistently grinds beans, enabling swift adjustments as you explore diverse brewing methods. Operating the grinder is a breeze – simply press the "Start/Stop" button on the display, and the E37SD takes care of the rest. Inheriting E37 lineage, it incorporates the Steady Lock and Silent Systems, ensuring quiet grinding and a fixed burr distance. Plus, your grind settings remain intact even if you need to remove the top burr for cleaning.

The E37SD has certainly captured our admiration, and we're thrilled to offer it. However, for those seeking a higher level of sophistication, the Ceado E37Z Hero presents the next level of excellence.


  • Voltage 220-240V • 50-60Hz
  • Power 400W
  • Rpm 50hz/60hz 960/1150
  • Net weight 13.2 kg
  • Gross weight 14.7 kg
  • Dimensions 212 x 309 x 370h mm
  • Burrs ø 83 Opalglide™ flat burrs
  • Grinding adjustment infinitely stepless
  • Screen N/A
  • dosing
  • Start Pulse button

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