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Etzinger etzMAX LM - several colors

Etzinger etzMAX LM - several colors

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Etzinger etzMAX LM espresso grinder: The perfect combination for the perfect espresso

The Etzinger etzMAX LM espresso grinder is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to prepare a perfect espresso at home or in smaller shops and restaurants. The mill combines the advantages of the Etzinger etzMAX LightW and etzMAX M and thus offers the best of both worlds.

Fast and energy efficient

The Etzinger etzMAX LM can grind up to 3.5 grams of coffee per second. This is faster than most other espresso grinders on the market. The mill is also very energy efficient. It only requires 100 watts to grind 30 grams of coffee.

Innovative grinder with minimal dead space

The grinder of the Etzinger etzMAX LM is made of high-quality materials and ensures an even and homogeneous grinding result. The dead space of the grinder is only 0.8 grams. This means that very little coffee remains in the grinder after grinding.

Single-dose option

The Etzinger etzMAX LM has a single-dosing option. This allows you to grind the desired amount of coffee directly into the portafilter. This is particularly useful if you only want to make one cup of espresso.

RRB mechanism for optimal grinding results

The RRB mechanism of the Etzinger etzMAX LM ensures optimal grinding results. The mechanism prevents coffee beans from getting stuck in the grinder and ensures an even grinding process.

Static charge is reduced

The Etzinger etzMAX LM has a function that reduces the static charge on coffee beans. This results in a fluffy and even grind.

scope of delivery

The Etzinger etzMAX LM is delivered with the following accessories:

  • Espresso grinder with AP cone
  • drip tray
  • Inlet Tube58
  • Calibration weight
  • 200g hoppers
  • Tuning discs
  • Paint brush
  • quick start Guide

All mills are delivered with the same colored front panel (deviations from the images shown are possible).


  • 3.0-5.5g/sec (depending on the cone used - HP cone not included)
  • Maximum energy efficiency, constant bean intake (even when the hopper fill level is low) and low heating of the ground material thanks to perfect coordination between the motor (new DC motor since 2022) and the grinder
  • RRB mechanism (Rotating Grinding Ring) with anti-static jig
  • Built-in ACAIA scale with intuitive weighing system (+/-0.1-0.2g) - can be operated in time or weighing mode
  • Easy to adjust / rasterized macro (0.1mm), stepless micro (0.01mm)
  • Minimum dead space (<1g)
  • Modular system (simple replacement of components, easy to clean)
  • Single dosing possible
  • Can be converted to filter version (filter kit)
  • Housing grinding mechanism made of die-cast zinc (=optimal heat dissipation and easier installation of grinding degree adjustment)
  • Housing mill made of aluminum
  • Solid front panel with red START button
  • Can be upgraded to PLUS version (with circulating air cooling)

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