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Flair Espresso

Flair espresso coffee grinder

Flair espresso coffee grinder

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Technology for a consistently fine grind

Improve your espresso experience with Flair's first manual grinder with conical burrs made from hardened tool steel. Crafted with precision and accuracy in mind, it is the perfect pair for any flair. Grind evenly and achieve the best extraction - all with an easy-to-use handheld and portable grinder.

Highly efficient conical burr geometry

Raise, turn and lock the adjustment crown

Precision machined aluminum housing

72 grind settings in 0.02mm increments

Robust drive system for perfect alignment

Fully wrapped silicone grip and thumb rest

Handheld design with removable crank

Easily removable collection cup

Great extractions and the genuine expression of your espresso start with a precise and even grind. Don't take any risks with your coffee, fulfill your desire for a fine and consistent grind with the Royal - a manual coffee grinder from Flair Espresso - and benefit from features such as a fully wrapped silicone handle, hardened Swiss-made steel grinders and our unique "Lift -, Turn and Lock adjustment crown” for non-slip, repeatable results.

Consistently fine espresso grind

The consistency and precision of your espresso grinder is probably the most important factor in the taste of your coffee.

The Royal's conical grinders and robust drive system ensure repeatable results, all in a small, handy package.

Portable, manual espresso grinder

The Royal grinder is undoubtedly the right tool for espresso with your flair or any other coffee method. Thanks to its handy, portable design, the Royal fits perfectly into any atmosphere, at home or on the go.

Technology that works for you

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