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MHW-3BOMBER BEP precision sieve 58 mm 18 g

MHW-3BOMBER BEP precision sieve 58 mm 18 g

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MHW-3BOMBER BEP precision sieve 58 mm 18 g: Explore the next level of coffee enjoyment!

Are you ready for incomparable coffee enjoyment? The MHW-3BOMBER BEP (Butterfly Effect Power) sieve unleashes the full potential of your favorite beans and ensures unique taste experiences in every cup.

Discover the advantages of the BEP sieve:

  • Perfect extraction: The innovative sieve structure guarantees even extraction for optimal taste .
  • Less coffee grounds: Enjoy your coffee without annoying pulp in your mouth. The fine-mesh sieve reliably holds back the coffee grounds.
  • Double-walled construction: The robust construction made of stainless steel ensures durability and optimal heat distribution.
  • Precise dosage: The sieve is ideal for 18 g of coffee powder and fits perfectly on 58 mm portafilters.
  • Easy to clean: simply rinse the sieve under running water or put it in the dishwasher.

The BEP sieve – perfect for:

  • Demanding coffee lovers who value perfect taste
  • Connoisseurs who want to experience barista-quality crema at home
  • Owner of portafilter machines with 58 mm portafilter

Invest in incomparable coffee enjoyment and order the MHW-3BOMBER BEP strainer now!

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