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Option-O Lagom 01 - Coffee grinder

Option-O Lagom 01 - Coffee grinder

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Option-O Lagom 01 - Coffee grinder

Precisely crafted for delicious coffee

All of the LAGOM 01's key components are manufactured to a tolerance of 0.01mm, and the unibody design minimizes tolerances and ensures excellent alignment right out of the box. This means you can forget about the grinder and focus on what really matters: making delicious coffee!

Mizen grinding discs – for modern light roasts

Internally developed Mizen burrs, specifically optimized for modern light roasts. For those who want to push the boundaries even further, we offer an XL 102mm blind burr option. The XL blind burrs not only minimize residue, but also maximize grinding surface - all in a compact format.

Tool-free disassembly with zero calibration 

The fundamental redesign includes a tool-free disassembly with integration of an adjustable zero calibration system. The tool-free disassembly design allows you to easily clean the grinder when needed without any additional tools. The calibration system allows you to easily share your grind settings with other baristas.

Workflow-oriented and more

Building on their extensive experience in grinder design, Option-O has gone one step further to make the LAGOM 01 even more workflow-friendly. These design elements combine to create a seamless workflow that allows you to make delicious coffee effortlessly and with minimal effort


At OPTION-O, precision is at the heart of what we do. The LAGOM 01 features critical components machined to a tolerance of <0.01mm (10 microns) or better. Careful consideration and implementation of measures were made throughout the design and machining phases to minimize the buildup of tolerances during manufacturing and to ensure that suboptimal alignment does not prevent you from brewing delicious coffee. And that's not all! Every critical part of the LAGOM 01 undergoes thorough quality control checks to ensure it meets strict specifications. Even after disassembly, this grinder maintains its precision and always delivers the perfect grind for delicious coffee. Our goal is to ensure that every user achieves exceptional results right out of the box.


With the implementation of a new static reduction technology, the use of the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) is now optional, even in demanding low humidity environments where static electricity can pose a significant challenge. This new feature is maintenance free and self-cleaning, requiring no additional intervention from a barista, allowing for a streamlined workflow and making grinding as easy as possible. The static reduction feature also ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly delivered into the portafilter with minimal static spillage, creating an evenly distributed coffee bed every time*.

*For optimal results, we still recommend including a quick post-grinding distribution step (e.g. WDT) where possible to maximize the potential for perfect results.


After about a year of intensive testing and development: Tada- new Mizen burrs for the LAGOM 01 are here. Starting with a classic geometry as a base, many steps were taken to improve performance through numerous trials and errors, optimizing it to a final form that Option-O believes is best suited to presenting modern light roasts. The Mizen burrs are now available in blind burr format, exclusively in the XL size with a 102mm diameter, which further minimizes retention and improves performance through the increased surface area. The Mizen XL blind burrs feature a slightly increased outer diameter and an expanded grinding surface by eliminating screw holes, resulting in an impressive ~18% increase in effective grinding surface (compared to traditional 98mm burrs), all while using the same compact housing!

Although surface area is important, cutting geometry and surface characteristics are equally important. The geometry and manufacture of Mizen burrs have been optimized and selected for their ability to improve flavor separation to produce a sweet, juicy cup profile for specialty light roasts. The goal is to bring the subtle nuances of the coffee to the forefront and bring them into focus.

**The LAGOM 01 is also available with a 98mm carrier configuration (not compatible with blind burrs though), for those who prefer to use 98mm burrs instead.


Inspired by our beta-tested NEAT Clicker for the LAGOM P100**, the same principle was incorporated into the new LAGOM 01. The team went back to the drawing board to refine the previous design, resulting in an overall improved design that combines the benefits of the previous version of the Chute Knocker and the NEAT Clicker. With its new magnet-assisted mechanism, the LAGOM 01's Chute Knocker is even more user-friendly, providing a smoother and more efficient experience. Now, with just one simple movement, the new Chute Knocker effortlessly removes any remaining grinding residue from the chute, ensuring precise dosing every time with


The LAGOM 01 portafilter fork platform has been completely redesigned and redesigned into a versatile modular platform specifically designed for a home barista's workflow. The lower floor height significantly reduces the risk of damage to the base plate from accidentally dropping the portafilter. As standard, the LAGOM 01 can be used with the included magnetically attached portafilter holder (for 58mm sieve) or with a magnetically attached grinding cup. In addition, the modular platform has been designed to be, above all, customizable. Not only does it accommodate the included 58mm portafilter holder, but it also easily adapts to aftermarket grinding cups and aftermarket tamping stations for portafilters other than 58mm in size. This ensures that the platform integrates seamlessly into any workflow and allows for future modular upgrades while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.


The design focus for the LAGOM 01 is to improve ergonomics and the overall user experience for baristas. Every aspect of the design has been carefully chosen to ensure a seamless, effortless grinding experience. All you need to do is enter the amount of coffee you want and the LAGOM 01 will take care of the rest, requiring minimal intervention from the barista. With features such as auto-drain, auto-shutoff, stepless grind adjustment, static reduction and an easy-to-read dial, etc., these disparate elements have been carefully integrated into a streamlined package to simplify and improve your grinding experience. Whether you are a professional barista in a bar or a coffee lover at home, our goal is for the LAGOM 01 to give you exceptional results consistently and effortlessly.


In response to positive user feedback, the zero calibration feature from the P64 model has been carried over and improved on the LAGOM 01, offering fully calibrated zero settings without the use of stickers. In addition, this improved visibility of the grind setting from the front, even in extreme ranges such as filter and espresso, makes it an excellent multi-purpose grinder. The LAGOM 01 also features a removable safety grind setting limiter that allows you to limit the grind range and extend the life of the burrs by preventing accidental damage from sub-zero burr settings. This provides additional ease of use and safety, making it easier to use in a dynamic café environment or by family members.


In keeping with the design philosophy, Option-O is committed to developing grinders that are not only reliable, but will stand the test of time. With this in mind, the LAGOM 01 is manufactured using standard components wherever possible, including the motor, to ensure both reliability and ease of maintenance. In addition, the LAGOM 01 has been designed to be easily repairable if required. We know that in the unlikely event that parts need replacing in the future, the ability to easily fix such issues will give you peace of mind. This focus on repairability ensures that the LAGOM 01 can be kept in optimum working condition and will serve you reliably for many years to come.

Designed for both home and café use, the LAGOM 01 is engineered to deliver exceptionally reliable performance in any environment.


Grinding disc size Flat grinding discs 98 mm/102 mm Blind grinding discs

Grinding degree adjustment range

Stepless adjustment

From French Press to Espresso

Each line (0.1) moves 0.0075 mm (7.5 microns) vertically

Typical dynamic mill retention <0.1 g

Height and weight

17 × 30 × 36 cm (WxDxH), 15.3 kg

6.7 × 11.8 × 14.2 inches (WxDxH), 33.7 lbs

Grinding speed Adjustable speed, 200-1700 rpm

Grinding performance up to 6 g/s in espresso setting

Building material

6061-T6 CNC machined and anodized aluminum

Bean loading capacity

Hopper holds up to 300 g of whole beans

Beans can be fed continuously for large quantities of brewing

Motor Industrial grade brushless DC motor (peak power 1300 W)

Voltage 220–240 V

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