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Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth 360 ml Milk Jug White - Pitcher

Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth 360 ml Milk Jug White - Pitcher

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Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth Milk Jug White: Perfect for latte art and perfect milk foam

With the Stealth milk jugs from Rhino Coffee Gear you can effortlessly create latte art like a pro and take your milk frothing skills to the next level.

High-quality non-stick coating: The surface is particularly durable and is very easy to clean. This saves you time and effort and allows you to concentrate entirely on preparing your favorite coffee specialties.

Thick and heavy: The 1 mm thick housing made of food-grade stainless steel ensures a comfortable weight and professional handling. The Stealth milk jugs fit perfectly in the hand and offer you the control you need for perfect milk foam.

Professional pourer: The precise pourer allows for gentle and even pouring, ideal for latte art and creamy milk foam. With the Stealth milk jugs you can easily create beautiful patterns and decorations on your coffee.

Comfortable handle: The ergonomic handle protects your hands even with frequent use and ensures comfortable working. This means you can concentrate entirely on your creativity and enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

Colorful accents: Choose between classic stainless steel or colorful non-stick coating to personalize your coffee bar. With the Stealth milk jugs you make a stylish statement and add color to your kitchen.

Integrable jug handle: For even more comfort and individuality, you can integrate a colored jug handle. This means you can always keep an eye on the milk detection and find the perfect jug for every milk foam.

Discover the benefits of the Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth milk jug:

  • High quality non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Thick and heavy case for professional handling
  • Precise pourer for perfect latte art
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable working
  • Possibility to integrate a colored jug handle

Order your Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth milk jug now and transform your kitchen into a professional bar!

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