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Weber Workshops

Weber Workshops 58mm Puck Strainer

Weber Workshops 58mm Puck Strainer

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Weber Workshops 58mm Puck Strainer

A 58mm, 150 micron, 2mm thick 316 stainless steel puck screen. Use it to keep your dispersion screen clean, to reduce erosion at the top of the puck that can lead to channeling, or to simply maintain clearance the puck if you fine-tune your dosage.

Puck screens have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. They can help buffer higher velocity water exiting a group head distribution screen that has a tendency to erode the top of a puck and potentially trigger channeling. They are great for keeping your dispersion screen cleaner.

To clean, rinse under water immediately after use. A subsequent application with a steam wand spray helps to remove finer particles from inside the net. Regular soaking with detergent or another coffee-specific cleaner is extremely effective at keeping them particularly clean.


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