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E&B-LAB IMS precision sieve 2T 14/16 g H22 - basket

E&B-LAB IMS precision sieve 2T 14/16 g H22 - basket

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The B702TFh22 14/16 g E&B-LAB IMS precision sieve is a real masterpiece for the demanding barista and an indispensable tool for every professional espresso machine. Developed and manufactured in Italy, the homeland of espresso, it offers outstanding quality and reliability based on decades of experience in the coffee industry.

The strainer itself is made of high-quality stainless steel and promises exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, even with frequent and intensive use. Its dimensions, 70mm in diameter and 22mm in height, are perfect for use with professional espresso machines.

The highlight of this sieve is its special "electroforming" technology. Unlike traditional screens, which are made by perforation, this method allows for unparalleled precision in the design of the filter holes. The 715 holes are distributed extremely evenly and have a constant size of exactly 200 µm. This results in an optimal extraction by ensuring an even flow rate and a consistent brewing result.

In addition, the B702TFh22 E&B-LAB sieve is equipped with "Integrated Membrane" technology. This patented technology consists of a special membrane integrated directly into the strainer that ensures maximum stability of the coffee puck during extraction. This innovation helps eliminate channeling and uneven extraction, resulting in a fuller, more flavorful espresso.

In summary, the B702TFh22 E&B-LAB IMS Precision Strainer is a top choice for anyone striving for perfection in their coffee preparation. It not only offers superior quality and durability, but also innovative technologies that optimize every step of espresso extraction. With this strainer, every cup of espresso becomes a true work of art.

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