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Elektra VERVE incl. barista workshop

Elektra VERVE incl. barista workshop

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Coffee Coaching Club Bonus: when you buy an ECM, you get a free barista workshop (German or English) at our Coffee Coaching Club in Bern. As chemists and flavor developers, we look at coffee and coffee preparation from a refreshingly new perspective. This will help you get your espresso right away at home.

In addition, you will always receive support and a Swiss guarantee after the purchase.

Elekra Verve is the new multi-boiler espresso machine with real wood frame and handles from Elektra.

Compact Italian design combined with professional performance.

- Dual boiler
- optional fixed water or tank operation
- App controlled machine parameters such as boiler temperature and pre-infusion
- silent rotary pump
- temperature-stable saturated brew group
- programmable pre-infusion also in tank operation


- Elegant design with the highest quality materials
- Dual boiler with a 140ml brew group boiler (+ pre-heating before) made of stainless steel and 1.6 stainless steel steam boiler.
- Saturated brew group from the high-end gastro model Indie with the highest temperature precision
- Temperature control of the brewing temperature
- Adjustable pre-infusion times
- Massive 58mm portafilter
- Extremely quiet rotary pump
- Setting via smartphone (so design is not "impaired" by the display)
- Adjustable on/off times
- Can be used with tank (5l) or fixed water connection
- 2 pressure gauges (brewing pressure and steam pressure)
- Freely movable outlets for steam and hot water
- Reminder for lime filter exchange and brewing group cleaning
- Shot timer via smartphone control
- Size (W/D/H): 38x45x43 cm

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