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Eureka Baby Grinder, Olive Wood, Ceramic Container

Eureka Baby Grinder, Olive Wood, Ceramic Container

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The Eureka Baby Grinder is a great choice if you are a coffee lover and want to enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere. With the Baby Grinder's user-friendly grind adjustment system, you can quickly and easily set the desired grind level, regardless of how you make coffee.

The slim body and ergonomic shape of the jar fit snugly in your hand, while the crank is designed to minimize grinding effort. The 48 mm conical grinding discs, specially developed for espresso and filter coffee, ensure an even grain size for every type of coffee extraction.

Thanks to Eureka's "Gold Energy" process and "ITALMILL GRINDING TECHNOLOGY" you can be sure that the grinding discs will have a long service life. This has a direct impact on the quality of the ground coffee, as wear on the knives is minimal and the ground material has a constant grain size over a long period of time. This special process promises a service life that is up to 50% longer compared to conventional steel grinding discs.

With the Eureka Baby Grinder you can experience first-class coffee quality even on the go!

- You can enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere.
- Perfect extraction for any type of coffee.
- The grinder has a long service life.
- Constant grind thanks to high-quality materials.
- Precise grinding.
- No loss of powder/beans (zero retention).

Technical characteristics:
- Conical grinder 48 mm "Gold Energy" process (durable).
- Easy grinding level adjustment with micro levels.
- Bean container capacity: 40g.
- Dimensions: H: 200 mm / Width: 56 mm / Depth: 80 mm.
- Weight: 760 grams.

- 2 year bring-in guarantee (3011 Bern).

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