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IMS Competition Series insert for 58 mm portafilter, 12 - 18 gram basket

IMS Competition Series insert for 58 mm portafilter, 12 - 18 gram basket

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IMS Competition Series insert for 58 mm portafilter, double espresso, 12 - 18 grams. B70 2T H24.5 E by IMS.
Average capacity 12-18 grams (we even use up to 20g in these sieves in our coffee shop)

Edge: Ø 70 mm (B70), Height: 24.5 mm (H24.5),

Inside: Ø 60 mm for Ø 58 - 58.5 mm tampers.

Shape: Cylindrical with a convex underside.

The shape was designed by IMS to get the right balance between the floor and height of the puck in relation to capacity. The cylindrical insert has special rounded corners on the underside. This shape ensures that the entire puck is used. This also makes drying and tapping easier.

Perforation: The exclusive perforation from IMS is patented. Perforated area: Ø 49 mm. Optimized area in relation to the portafilter shape. Number of Holes: 715, Micro Spacing (E). The number and distribution of the holes should compensate for the flow of coffee in relation to the height and shape of the sieve insert and the perforated surface.

Hole Diameter: 0.30mm Shape of the holes: Circular with a conical cross-section. Competition perforation: Recoated and calibrated. Compatibility for some but not all models of: E-61, Faema, La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, Nuova Simonelli Victoria Arduino, Rancilio. Astoria Conti, Elektra Commercial, La Pavoni Commercial, Vibiemme, Wega, Ascaso, Bezzera, Brasilia, ECM , Expobar, Fiorenzato, Grimac, Iberital, Rocket, Iberital.

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