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Mahlkönig all-round mill EK43 S black matt

Mahlkönig all-round mill EK43 S black matt

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The EK43 S offers the strong performance of Mahlkönig's popular EK43 in a space-saving housing. With this grinder, premium grinding is also finding its way into smaller coffee bars. The EK43 reigns supreme as the undisputed queen of coffee grinders - with high performance, reliability and premium grinding. Their outstanding grinding results remain unmatched by the competition. The EK43 enables the most even extraction of valuable coffee aromas and is therefore a guarantee of an outstanding taste experience and a promising symbol of quality. Its unique shape has become an icon of the international barista scene, to which the EK43 is deeply connected through a shared passion for coffee.


  • The power and grinding quality of the proven EK43 in a smaller, space-saving housing
  • Thanks to the outstanding particle size distribution, high extraction rates are possible for the best taste
  • Premium chilled steel burrs
  • Robust small grinder with high grinding capacity
  • Versatile use: filter, espresso or Turkish fine grinding
  • Easy and precise grind adjustment

grinding disc diameter: 98mm
Grinding disk material: chilled steel
Average grinding capacity: 25g/s
Capacity of the bean container: approx. 800 g
Dimensions (W x H x D): 23x68x41cm
net weight: 24.5kg

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