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Normcore 51 mm puck screen / screen

Normcore 51 mm puck screen / screen

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The Normcore Puck Strainer is placed on top of the tamper-pressed coffee bed and helps create a softer, more consistent water flow for your puck. Not only does it help reduce canal formation, but it also improves extraction. Best of all, it keeps your brew head (with minimal contact with coffee grounds) and basket clean and tidy. The coffee pucks become more compact and can be ejected in one piece without leaving a mess.

With a filter fineness of 150 microns, this shower strainer supports the full extraction of your coffee grounds.

1.7mm (most popular) and 1mm thickness

It is recommended to choose a thickness of 1.7mm when the coffee grind is normal, which does not affect normal extraction. If the coffee grind is higher and very fine, it is recommended to choose a thickness of 1 mm for the puck sieve.

Improved selection:

Since the fiber density of dark roasted beans is higher than that of light/medium roasted beans, the volume for the same weight in grams is higher for dark roasted beans than for light/medium roasted beans. It is recommended to choose a thickness of 1mm for dark roast beans, while 1.7mm thickness is for light/medium roast.

Also, please check whether your shower is secured with a screw, such as: B. at La Marzocco and Slayer. If so, please use at least 2 g less for your double shot. You can of course optimize this later so that you don't touch the shower screw with your screen and thus bend your screen.


Diameter: 51mm

Compatible with 51mm portafilters

Material: 316 stainless steel grid.

Screen mesh size: 150 µm.

Thickness: 1.0mm


Care instructions:

Wash thoroughly with water after use.

If the product is dirty, clean it with a blast of the steam wand.


Scope of delivery:

1 x Normcore Puck Screen - 1.0mm thick.

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