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Normcore Premium Dosing Funnel 54 mm - Sage, Breville

Normcore Premium Dosing Funnel 54 mm - Sage, Breville

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The Normcore Dosing Funnel is designed to reduce spills and waste of ground coffee. Equipped with 9 special magnetic feet, it is convenient to stick to the portafilter and ensure a better and smooth dispensing process.

It is made of aluminum that undergoes hard anodization treatment with food certification.

Suitable for 54mm Portafilter - Designed for use with most 54mm portafilter baskets. Sage, Breville

Minimal waste during the dosing process - Makes it easier to grind precisely in your portafilter and without mess.

Stable Seat - This funnel features 9 small magnetic points that allow for quick and stable installation.

Weiss Distribution Technology - Works perfectly with WDT to break up clumps in your grinds while preventing spills.

For all coffee lovers - suitable for experienced baristas or new home users.

Materials: Anodized aluminum
Width: Fits 54mm portafilter

This contains:
1 – Normcore Magnetic Dispensing Funnel

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