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Normcore Single Dosing Tubes - 6 pieces made of glass

Normcore Single Dosing Tubes - 6 pieces made of glass

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Normcore Single Dosing Tubes - 6 pieces made of glass

Do you want to keep your coffee fresh for longer? Then we have the perfect solution for you! No more stale aroma - the Normcore airtight bean containers made of robust glass are guaranteed to keep your favorite beans fresh for longer.

The highlight? The lid has a special valve. This allows the CO2 that is produced when the beans degas to escape, while at the same time no oxygen can get in. This way, your beans stay crisp and fresh and you can treat yourself to a cup with full aroma enjoyment at any time!

But that's not all: Our practical containers are also ideal for ground coffee. Simply fill them with the amount you need for one cup - this way you not only save money, but also ensure optimal taste. Microdosing is the magic word!

Are you a fan of the single-dose method and don't feel like spending a long time weighing things in the morning? No problem! Our bean containers are perfect for this and make dosing child's play, even when you're on the go.

So that you always have your beans to hand, our set also comes with a practical silicone filling funnel and a stylish acrylic stand. This way you can store your bean containers neatly and have everything ready for your next coffee creation in no time.

By the way: The clever design is patent pending!

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 25g - 28g
  • Materials:
    • Bean container: glass / silicone / stainless steel
    • Filling funnel: silicone
    • Stand: Acrylic
  • Scope of delivery:
    • 6 x glass bean containers
    • 1 x filling funnel
    • 1 x stand

What are you waiting for? Order your set now and take your coffee enjoyment to a new level!

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