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Normcore Ultimate Barista Kit 58.5mm

Normcore Ultimate Barista Kit 58.5mm

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**The Ultimate Normcore Barista Toolset: Simple, Stylish, Perfect!**

Are you looking for the best tool for your coffee enjoyment? Then we have just the right thing for you: the ultimate Normcore barista toolset. Minimalist, functional and with pure Normcore aesthetics - these tools blend into any environment and are real performers.

**Why the Normcore Barista Toolset is perfect for you:**

1. **High quality materials:** We focus on quality! Our tools are made of robust and durable materials that not only look good but also deliver perfect results.

2. **Easy to use:** Uncomplicated, direct and intuitive - our barista tools are designed in such a way that you can enjoy the perfect coffee without a lot of frills.

3. **Minimalist design:** In the typical Normcore style, we rely on a reduced, timeless design. The set fits harmoniously into any kitchen and becomes an unobtrusive eye-catcher.

4. **Everything in one bundle:** From the milk jug to the WDT to the precise tamper - this set contains everything you need for the perfect coffee moment.

5. **SEO-optimized:** This set will not only do justice to your coffee, but also to your online search. With keywords like "best barista toolset", "normcore design" and "quality coffee tools" you will always come back to us.

**Conclusion** With the Normcore Barista Toolset you not only have all the tools at your fingertips to brew coffee like a pro, you do it in real style. Treat yourself to something special and experience coffee in its purest form. And hey, share your coffee moments with us at #coffeecoachingclub. We are looking forward to it!

Ready for the ultimate coffee indulgence? Then get your Normcore barista toolset now and let the coffee do the talking! 🖤☕🖤

This set includes all products listed below:

1 x Normcore Premium Distributor Leveler Distributor 58.5mm
1 x Normcore Premium WDT (Distribution Needle Tool) Tool with Stand V3
1 x Normcore Premium Tampingstation V2 Tamping - Tamp - Mat
1 x Normcore Premium Tamper pressure regulating 58.5 mm
1 x Normcore Premium Puck Screen Puck Screen Pack of 2 with stand
1 x Normcore Magnetic Espresso Shot Mirror for Bottomless Portafilter
1 x Normcore Premium Portafilter Tampstation
1 x Normcore Premium Handleless Milk Pitcher 450ml
1 x Normcore Premium Bottomless Portafilter 58mm for E61
1 x Normcore Premium dosing funnel 58 mm - magnetic

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