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Normcore Ultra-Slim 0.2mm Puck Screen 58.5mm

Normcore Ultra-Slim 0.2mm Puck Screen 58.5mm

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Normcore Ultra-Slim 0.2mm Puck Screen 58.5mm

The Normcore Puck Screen is a new and exciting tool that we've been using recently. This helps prevent channeling and ensures a more consistent and balanced extraction with your machine.


- Diameter: 58.5mm

- Material: Material: 316 stainless steel with titanium PVD coating

- Filter mesh size: 0.2 mm thick

- Filter mesh size: 200 μm


- Wash thoroughly with water after use.

- Clean the product e.g. B. with a burst of steam from the steam nozzle if the product has stains.


Perfect addition to espresso preparation - improve water distribution and prevent channeling.

Keeps the group head clean - Protects the group head from sucking in coffee grounds when the lever is lifted.

Easy to rinse to clean - Easily rinses under the tap to remove any debris from inside.

This contains:

1 - Normcore Ultra-Slim 0.2mm Puck Screen

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