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Rocket RE Doppia 2-Group

Rocket RE Doppia 2-Group

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Rocket RE Doppia 2-Group

The latest catering portafilter machine from Rocket Espresso is an affordable dual boiler with saturated brewing groups. Thanks to the most modern technology, stainless steel boiler, and cool-touch steam wands with dry-steam technology, the Rocket Doppia plays in the highest league of catering espresso machines, with a price-performance ratio that is second to none.
  • 6 buttons per brewing group (4x coffee portions)
  • Shot timer
  • Dual boiler technology with saturated brewing groups
  • Cool-touch steam wands
  • Dry steam technology
  • Rinse program
  • Digital temperature adjustment (PID controlled)
  • Height-adjustable drip tray
  • Digital pressure display
  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 84.8 cm x 60.3 cm (H/W/D)

The machine comes from the factory without a plug. Incl. Professional commissioning for warranty services on site, CHF 550 and limescale filter installation fee CHF 500. These will be added to your shopping cart and are additional.

Commissioning includes the installation of a high-voltage plug, checking all machine parameters ex works, as well as the initial filling and venting of the brewing groups before delivery.
Delivery is coordinated upon arrangement.
The installation includes connecting the machine to the socket, the mains water connection and the waste water connection, which have been completely prepared on site, as well as the final check of all functions, the adjustment of the pump and the expansion valve.
According to the General Terms and Conditions, this installation package is a prerequisite for an on-site guarantee.

Delivery, installation & commissioning
The limescale protection filter installation fee includes the determination of the local water values ​​on site, as well as the installation of the appropriate filter product (cartridge type and size).
In addition, a meter will be installed that measures water consumption in liters, provides information about the remaining capacity and indicates an elapsed time value of one year.
Filter cartridge, head & flowmeter including water test
Rocket RE Doppia 220V / 1 phase
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